Polli, James E.

James Polli
Shangraw/Noxell Chair, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Health Sciences Facility II Room 623, Baltimore, MD 21201
Research Interests: 

The overall interest of the laboratory is oral drug absorption. The laboratory's two main research themes deal with the inclusion of bioavailability considerations in drug design and the pharmacokinetic evaluation of oral solid dosage forms. Ongoing graduate student projects are in the areas of prodrug design to target intestinal absorptive transporters, chemical structure-permeability relationships, drug dissolution and in vitro-in vivo correlation, and novel methods to assess bioequivalence. I provide volunteer service to various agencies around the world to promote international drug quality standards, with special emphasis on the assurance of oral drug bioavailability.

Professional Memberships: 

Executive Committee member, CERSI

School of Pharmacy
University of Maryland, Baltimore