Fourkas, John T.

John Fourkas
Millard Alexander Professor and Associate Chair
2341 Chemistry Bldg
Research Interests: 
  • Ultrafast nonlinear optical spectroscopy of liquids
  • dynamics of nanoconfined liquids
  • nonlinear optical microscopy
  • nontraditional approaches to micro- and nanofabrication
  • dynamics of single molecules and single nanoparticles
  • B.S., Chemistry, 1986, California Institute of Technology
  • M.S., Chemistry, 1986, California Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, 1991, Stanford University (NSF Graduate Fellow with Michael Fayer)
  • Postdoctoral, 1991, University of Texas, Austin (NSF Postdoctoral Fellow with Mark Berg)
  • Postdoctoral, 1993, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (NSF Postdoctoral Fellow with Keith Nelson)
Professional Memberships: 
  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow
  • American Physical Society (APS) Fellow
  • Materials Research Society (MRS)
  • Optical Society of America (OSA) Fellow
  • Sigma Xi (ΣΞ)
  • American Chemical Society: Associate Editor, Journal of Physical Chemistry (2002-present)
  • Symposium organizer, physical chemistry (1996)
  • symposium organizer, physical chemistry (2000)
  • American Physical Society: Secretary/treasurer, Division  of Laser Science (2005-2008)
  • symposium organizer, chemical physics (2005)
  • Materials Research Society: Symposium organizer (2003, 2005)
  • Telluride Scientific Research Center: Symposium organizer (2003, 2005, 2007)
  • Board of Directors (2009-present). Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation: Beckman Scholars Advisory Panel (2004-2005)
  • Beckman Young Investigator Advisory Panel (2005-present)
  • National Science Foundation: Integrating Themes for New Funding Opportunities Workshop(1998)
  • Postdoctoral Appointments: Roles and Opportunities (2003)
  • National Research Council: NRC postdoc advisory council (2007-present)
  • National Institutes of Health: Nanotechnology study section member (2008-2009). National Academy of Sciences: Frontiers in Science participant (1998)
  • Frontiers in Science session organizer (2001); International Conference on NanoPhotonics: Technical Committee (2007-present)
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Maryland, College Park