Industrial Consortia

A major CERSI-wide outreach and exchange involves the establishment of industrial consortia, which will build upon and cut across project themes. The CERSI Industrial Consortia program will provide a vehicle for facilitating communication with industry and help work toward a new level of public transparency for regulatory processes and procedures.

Researchers, regulators and industry professionals can learn from one other in the effort to develop regulatory science practices that promote innovation in medical devices and pharmaceuticals, while also addressing critical safety concerns. One industrial consortium will focus on drugs and biologics, and the other on biomedical devices.

The CERSI will engage industrial experts who may give seminars and presentations and provide advice and input to researchers and scientists.  To learn more about how to enroll in the CERSI Industrial Consortia program, please contact us att

CERSI Consortia Members

AdvaMed BD
Canon US Life Sciences Lockheed Martin
MDMA Medstar Health
Siemens SAIC
Waters Weinberg



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